Our Story

Welcome to Unleash!!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! Unleash is a new product brand that seeks to help unlock both personal and global potential. We are a mixed race small business, with roots in America and Ghana, Africa. Through our brand we seek to bring awareness to poverty and struggles in remote areas in Ghana where our co-founder was born and raised.

We are going to use this page to share our story and allow you to embark on this journey with us. We will be posting weekly short stories, product updates and upcoming projects.


What does Unleash mean for us?

The meaning and motivation behind the name brand Unleash is to bring personal meaning to everyone’s life irrespective of our circumstances. The infinite wisdom has a purpose for each of us to fulfill during our life on earth and that our true happiness and satisfaction are attained when we align our life to realizing this potential. Whether it has to do with building a concept, business or family the word unleash should reminds us to strive to reach our maximum potential amidst the earthly chaos while we live. Just as light always conquers darkness, so will a mindset full of optimism, positivity and enthusiasm conquer all obstacles at the end of the day.

We want you to be reminded to unleash positivity in all you do to overcome fear, pessimism and doubts that hold you back from reaching the highest level of your being as a human. Unleash your confidence, talents, passion, boldness and fulfill your greatest potential.

Unleash your determination and resolve to embrace your calling to the fullest. Unleash your power and God-given talents and let the world bask in the beauty of your creation.

When we are able to fully unleash our talents and passions to let go of what is holding us back, we are able to truly unlock our greatest personal potential and fulfill our mission on this planet. The Unleash family has a mission to conquer ignorance and poverty especially in rural Africa through quality education, and we would like you to be a part of it.

Contact us:

Unleash Potential
1002 Laurel Drive
Jefferson City, MO, 65109
Email: unleasheducation2019@gmail.com
Phone: (314)326-8748
Website: unleashing.org